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Agile and Scrum are changing the workplace. We pioneered that change. RQ Vision. has helped organizations and individuals succeed at every step of their Agile journey.
How can we help you:


Agile Transformation


Is your organization struggling with how to scale Scrum throughout the entire enterprise? The modular Scrum at Scale® framework allows for context-specific solutions to help organizations incrementally scale their structure without chaotic ripple effects. Our consultants can facilitate a productive conversation of what the organization really needs from scaling Scrum and provide tailored solutions to help you make progress towards your scaling goal.


Project Recovery


When a business-critical project is at risk, it’s time for a new way of working. Scrum Inc. consultants can help you get things back on track and drive your project to DONE. Our coaches identify the key priorities and guide teams to deliver value faster. And we pride ourselves on leaving our partners with all they need to succeed independently in the future.


Leadership Development


Scrum can be a powerful transformational tool within your organization, but without the focused and sustained support of the executive leadership, its success will not be fully realized. Our leadership workshops concentrate on showing management how to support teams, remove impediments and shape the vision.

Transforming Lives Through Training & Technology

Succeed in today’s data-driven world. Master in-demand skills and achieve your career goals

Popular Courses

Python for Data Science


This course will give you hands-on development experience and prepare you for an exciting career as a professional Python programmer.


Full Stack Java Developer


Full Stack Developers are the multi-talented professionals that every company wants. A Full Stack developer is responsible for front and back-end web development. A full-stack developer works in multiple technologies and tools.




Explore the field of Networking and Security by becoming a cisco certified networking associate. Learn all about Networks, Routing, Switching, Security, Automation and many more to take your first step towards becoming a networking professional


Ethical Hacking


Learn Ethical Hacking with live hands-on that covers many foundational topics such as a day in the life on an ethical hacker, what does an ethical hacker do on a day to day basis? How much can he or she earn? What type of assessments might an ethical hacker perform?


CCNP Enterprise ENCOR


Cisco’s CCNP is the industry’s most widely recognized and respected certifications, CCNP sets you apart. It tells the world you know what you are doing...


CCNP Enterprise ENARSI


Cisco’s CCNP is the industry’s most widely recognized and respected certifications, CCNP sets you apart. It tells the world you know what you are doing...


PGP in Enterprise Networking and Cloud Computing


Executive Program in Cyber Security


PGP in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics


Executive Program in Web Development

windows server admin.jpg


Windows Server Admin


RHCSA (Linux Server Admin)


Core Java

Web Consultation

Full Stack Web Development

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