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Agile Transformation

Accelerate Business Agility


The business world is in the midst of dramatic change. It is now projected that 50-percent of the companies on the S&P 500 will be replaced in the next 10 years. Survival in today’s marketplace means companies must adapt to disruption faster than their competitors. Market leaders must continuously innovate to stay ahead.

All of this change leads to unprecedented opportunities for companies willing to transform. From Fortune 100 companies to small startups, RQ Vision has a proven track record of helping organizations get ahead and stay ahead.

Our founder, Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum, inventor of Scrum@Scale, and signatory of the Agile Manifesto, has been performing successful data-driven Agile transformations longer than anyone else in the industry. Each of our consultants, coaches, and trainers work alongside Jeff as thought leaders for establishing true business agility. 

RQ Vision’s adaptive, repeatable process teaches organizations how to thrive in a world where change is the only constant. And the flexibility of Scrum@Scale allows for customized transformations which are rolled out at a sustainable pace.

Our transformation clients become agile powerhouses that deeply understand their customers, pivot rapidly to changing market demands, and inspire their teams to improve the world of work.

What to Expect from an Agile Transformation

Strategic Insight / Leadership Kickoff


We provide a rigorous assessment of your organization’s challenges and opportunities. Then, we collaborate with leadership to generate a customized action plan for increasing agility and reducing waste. This results in a 30% waste reduction (on average).

Team Rollout / Coaching


Get your teams up and sprinting quickly with expert guidance. Our hands-on, data-driven coaching sessions will ensure your teams get the most out of Scrum, and you get the most out of your teams.

Empowering Sustained Success


We help you create patterns of continuous improvement within your organization by mentoring your own internal agile coaches. This transforms your organization into a truly Agile enterprise which continues to learn, accelerate and improve long after we’re gone.

Our Transformation Process

Leadership Discovery and Kickoff

  • Conduct a “Go See” to assess and understand your organization’s context and specific challenges

  • Work with leadership to make those challenges visible and address them

  • Launch Leadership Teams to guide your organization’s transformation

  • Enable Leadership Teams to deploy transformation incrementally and guide the scope and pace of change

Organize Your People and Workflow Around Your Strategy

  • Design a custom transformation plan with immediately actionable steps and select a pilot group(s) for launch

  • Create a coherent, actionable backlog which connects strategy to execution so the entire organization is aligned around shared goals

  • Build team level backlogs so the entire organization is aligned around shared goals

  • Work with leadership to discover and address organizational pain points and challenges

Launch Your Teams

  • Train your pilot team(s) in the roles, artifacts, and events of Scrum

  • Embedded coaches help your teams become high-performing

  • Use specific, demonstrable success to then train, launch, and coach additional teams

Build Team Sustainability

  • Build communities of practice and internal coaching capabilities to sustain your Agile practice beyond the pilot

  • Provide additional follow-up as needed to continue to build business agility

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Change Your Organization and World for the Better

Our transformation process will guide your leadership and teams to unleash your organization’s true potential. By amplifying the Scrum values commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect that already exist within your company, we will help you to establish new cultural norms which inspire your teams and drive success. We leverage Scrum@Scale to guide your organization through its transformation.

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