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Scrum Consulting and Coaching


RQ Vision is the premiere provider of agile consulting and coaching. Founded by the co-creator of Scrum, Jeff Sutherland, we work with companies worldwide to increase productivity and quality through organizational transformation and support.

​Our agile coaches help organizations develop a foundation of Scrum best practices. We will help you grow the internal expertise you need to become a true learning organization. By consulting leadership teams on how Scrum can deliver twice the work in half the time and coaching product teams to implement hyper-productive patterns, we help companies around the globe transform their world of work.


Agile Transformation


Is your organization struggling with how to scale Scrum throughout the entire enterprise? The modular Scrum at Scale® framework allows for context-specific solutions to help organizations incrementally scale their structure without chaotic ripple effects. Our consultants can facilitate a productive conversation of what the organization really needs from scaling Scrum and provide tailored solutions to help you make progress towards your scaling goal.


Consulting & Coaching


Using our in-house experts as well as our extensive partnership network, RQ Vision provides on-site agile support to help companies launch or scale a Scrum implementation. Our consultants look to engage in high-level discussion about how Agile methods can improve the delivery of products and services and how Scrum can support broader strategic goals. Our goal is to help teams become self-sufficient and own their Scrum.


Leadership Development


Scrum can be a powerful transformational tool within your organization, but without the focused and sustained support of the executive leadership, its success will not be fully realized. Our leadership workshops concentrate on showing management how to support teams, remove impediments and shape the vision.


Project Recovery


When a business-critical project is at risk, it’s time for a new way of working. Scrum Inc. consultants can help you get things back on track and drive your project to DONE. Our coaches identify the key priorities and guide teams to deliver value faster. And we pride ourselves on leaving our partners with all they need to succeed independently in the future.


Team Launch


Starting Scrum can be intimidating. Over the years, we have found that teams supported through these initial steps develop better internal practices and have a higher success rate. Over two days, our coaches will help the new team create a working agreement based on their values and goals, create and prioritize an initial product backlog, create shared definitions of what it means to be done and ready, and start the regular sprint cadence.


Capabilities Assessment


RQ Vision's Scrum Capability Assessment is a rapid, tailored and minimally-disruptive process that examines your company’s Scrum practices. The assessment looks at your company’s practices from top to bottom and assesses the teams doing the work. The results reveal where your Scrum is strong, and where you can improve.

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