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Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Become an Ace Professional in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

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About Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

The Internet is developing and growing faster, and with that the related risks too. Cyber Fraud is rampant. The year 2018, India was the victim of 27k instances of Cyber Frauds of varying degree and complexities, causing a huge setback for many Businesses. The need for protection of Personal and Corporate data has become the highest Priority and Companies are investing huge capital in Planning, Designing and Implementing Security Policies to protect their valuable assets. For these reasons and more, it is the perfect time to gain the latest skills in the field of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics and enjoy a rewarding career. The JAINx Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics helps learners to identify Vulnerabilities, conduct tests, assess risks and design/implement solutions.

Key Highlights

Course Start Date
16th Nov, 2020
Course Duration
11 Months
Mode of Delivery
Blended & Classroom
No. of Hours
360 hours
3 Months Live Projects
Basic to Advanced

Important Things to Know about Cyber Security and Digital Forensics


Growth of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

With the estimation that Digital Economy in India is going to touch 1 trillion USD in 2025, speculations are rife about the spike in Cyber Crimes. It is high time that the third most vulnerable country in the world will wake up to the atrocities infested by Cyber Criminals and stop them beforehand. The only way to do this is to create a highly-skilled and experienced pool of professionals who can come up with strict Security Policies and Framework for Individuals and Organizations. According to a Data Security Council of India, 1 million Cyber Security Professionals are needed by the end of 2020.

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Careers & Remuneration in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

There are multiple Technical roles available for Cyber Security Professionals with a specialized skillset. Some of those include Penetration Tester, Ethical hacker, Network Security Engineer, Network Security Auditor, Network Security Analyst, Cyber Security Support Engineer, Systems Engineer, IS Auditor, Cyber Security Auditor. Beginning salary for a Cyber Security professional in India is anywhere between 5 Lakhs p.a. to 7 Lakhs p.a up to 60 Lakh p.a for Senior Positions. Cyber Security Market in India is taking big leaps, and according to reports, it is expected to become a 3 billion dollars USD industry in 2022.

Who Can Learn


Get trained in industry-relevant skills and Interact with Mentors across multiple industries and enhance your learning through Certifications. Get rewarding Job offers from top companies and Kickstart your career.

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Upskill & Prepare Yourself for Senior Positions or Transition to new roles by gaining in-demand Skills. Experience seamless Integration of Theory, Practicals and Continuous Evaluation of your Progress by Mentors.


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