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Domestic Data Entry Operator

Become a Expert & Specialization in Data Entry Operator

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About Domestic Data Entry Operator

To impart the most up-to date computer knowledge especially in respect of clerical and documentation skills to the participants in order to enable them to keep pace with new technological innovations so as to help them maintain database, generate graphs, financial statements, reports, presentation material, etc. and also start documentation center on their own. It also makes students develop typing skills and learn how to type at least 25 words per minute. Command keys necessary for entering data, basic keyboarding skills, reading through documents for accuracy and managing one’s work area is all covered. Students also practice formatting business documents and reproduce pre-made documents to check for accuracy, organization and speed.

Responsible for performing journey-level data entry work using a personal computer and appropriate software, entering, updating, researching, verifying and/or retrieving data into/from various systems, and ensuring the accuracy and confidentiality of information recorded.

Minimum Qualifications
12th Standard Passed
Course Duration
400 hours


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