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Python for Data Science

This course will give you hands-on development experience and prepare you for an exciting career as a professional Python programmer.


Key Features of Python for Data Science Certification Course

  • 100 Hrs quality online videos

  • 50 hours of LIVE mentoring and doubt clarification sessions

  • 100+ coding assignments

  • 24 Hrs aptitude and logical reasoning

  • 24/7 LMS access with Interview preparation & Placement assistance

Course Curriculum for Python for Data Science Certification Course

Building a solid foundation to explore the fields of web development, game development, data science & artificial intelligence. Become Industry 4.0 ready with this comprehensive course.

Table of Content

  • Introduction

  • Data Types

  • Functions

  • Modules in Python

  • List

  • Tuples

  • Set

  • Dictionary

  • Collections Module

  • String

  • Regular Expressions

  • Exception Handling

  • Loggers

  • File Handling in Python

  • Os Modules

  • Object Orientation in Python

  • Iterators and Generators

  • First class functions

  • Closures

  • Decorators

  • Oops Concept

  • Operator overloading and Magic Methods

  • Multi-Threading in Python

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