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Windows Server Admin

Manage and configure the Servers in Enterprises, Datacenters. and master the concept of Server administration. Become a core member of the IT Team of any Leading tech company and give wings to your career in the field of System Administration

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Key Features

  • 100 Hrs of online training on Windows Server 

  • 50 hours of LIVE mentoring and doubt clarification sessions

  • 100+ lab assignments

  • 20 Hrs of aptitude and logical reasoning class

  • Interview preparation & Placement assistance

  • Deployment of WSUS Server

  • Working with Operation master Role

  • Configuration ADC CDC and RODC

  • Implementation of Distributed File System

  • Configure Virtual Private Network

  • Implementation of Network Address Translation

  • Configure Network Load Balancing

  • Implementation Enterprise storage Solutions

  • Windows Server upgradation & Migration

  • Implementation of Data deduplication

Course Curriculum

This course Introduction to Windows Server Administration will introduce you to configuring a Windows Server and managing its system settings. You will also learn about managing storage, monitoring performance and troubleshooting a server. You will learn about system setting for your server.

Table of Content

  • Introduction to windows server 2016

  • Implementation Local Storage

  • Installation and Configuration of Active Directory

  • Deployment of File Server

  • Installation of DHCP Server

  • Configuration of DNS Server

  • Implementation of Group policy

  • Installation & Configuration of Hyper-V Role

  • Implementation of DHCP relay agent

  • Deployment of WDS Server

  • Configuration of Fail Over Clustering

  • Windows server backup

  • Configure ADDS trust

  • Configure AD Sites and Replication

  • Installation and Configuration of Nano server

  • Configuring IPAM Server

  • Introduction to Windows PowerShell

  • Implementation of Dockers and containers

  • Managing & monitoring servers

  • Ticketing system


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